Random Walk?

Are stocks moving randomly or are they producing trends and other formations that can be spotted in a chart and in turn exploited in the stock market? A quick glance at almost any stock chart gives so many the impression that there are clearly patterns, regularity that should make trading possible.

Interestingly this observation is at least incomplete and misleading:

The conclusion of the above is that there are two very different ways to profit in the markets. Making a "Trend Walk" is the direct one and exploiting the "Random Walk" the other.

Darvas and Livermore merged into one "investo-trade" system is for people trying to shoot for the maximum by directly squeezing trends. The system also allows operation with only a modest amount of work.


If you are searching for a system that makes consistently money independent of market directions and works even in a bear market, the Trading Pro system may be for you. It is basically concentrated knowledge about hedging with stocks and options done right by getting favorable entry prices. In that case the market can do what it wants to do - you are fine if it does its random walk. They also have strategies for strong anticipated moves with an unforeseeable direction.

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